Monday, December 9, 2013

Practical Application: Messing with the mind

So one thing that I sometimes do to mess with the mind, is to for a moment give it what it wants, or move as if I were to give it what it wants. So let's say eating a cheesecake. So I may move close to it, reach for it, but then stop and do something else. So within that moment I may feel like an energy, maybe desire, or excitement, or happiness. And by directing myself to stop and move away, it makes it easier for me to see that energy, do Self-forgiveness, and try placing myself in the exact same situation again, 5 minutes later, and see what else comes up. Do you get the idea? I call it messing with the mind, or messing with my programming, where you activate it on purpose in order to forgive it. I also may not know I have a reaction or program of some kind, so it is also an exploratory thing to see what reactions if any exist. If this sounds a little sciency to you, its because it is. I mean the whole Desteni process is like one big science experiment. Let's see if the human can change. And we are the variables, haha.
So when I test things I like to be rigorous or tough. So I may be watching a television show that I normally watch, and then just stop the show and turn it off. The mind said in one moment, but I will never know what will happen. And I was like, So? And I turned it off. I notice what was inside of me, and did self-forgivness.
Its very fun, I enjoy doing this kind of stuff.
If you do stuff like this, try posting or sharing it, I would like to hear about it!

Psychology: When perceiving things to go SLoWeR

So here's something cool that you can test for yourself in any moment. So sometimes we may feel like things move very slow, or other times very fast. I read a psychology pop article which suggested it was due to memory. So maybe you're reading this and thinking, memory? Well to put it more simply, it has to do with how aware you are of the moment here. Because when you are aware here, you are essentially also creating a stronger/more memory for yourself of the moment here. So when this happens you have more information and with more information it requires more time to process so that is why it feels longer. This feeling longer is the same as being more aware of things and thus feels slower. So you can try this at any moment. Just be here, and be more aware of what is here. Things may come up of course like the mind saying that this is boring or it is a waste of time and it wants some distracting information. But if your adamant of being here, then you will be here, and thus you are more aware of what is here, and time will seem slower. You see, time is an illusion. If we remove time from our vocabulary, I would instead say that you are simply here, or not here, thus more aware of what is here, or less aware of what is here. So your existence can be simplified to a point of awareness, and not of time. And it makes sense that the more aware you are, the more you can do, and the better you will be at it, since you are aware of what is here, which you then can utilize to greater extent. So be here, for more FUN!!!! Lol. get it? You're better at having fun.

How to take responsibility when working with a group.

So something that I just realized about myself, was something awful that I was doing. So let me explain. I am part of an online course called Desteni I process, and part of that course you get a buddy. This person helps you out by explaining things that might be confusing about the material. So before working with the course I spent many years trying to figure out the Desteni tools on my own, or least never speaking directly with someone on my experiences, and then listening to someone else, so like a conversation. So it was a very individual or solitary process. So within that I found some cool things. However, when I did work with the course there was something unexpected about me that was sort of revealed to me today. So throughout my life I had always worked on my own, and whenever I did work with others, I found them to be incompetent, usually, so I was very harsh to them with my criticism. I did change my attitude to some degree when working with others and their performance was not as good as it could be. Anyway, so for me I find myself automatically blaming others for the performance that we created together as one group. What is interesting to me, is that when working alone, I place all the responsibility or blame on myself, and when working in a group I sort of divide this responsibility. The consequence is that I place less responsibility on myself, which is the problem. It is better, or best actually, to place full responsibility on myself for what I can do, and how I can affect the outcome, in every situation. So when I started working more directly with the Desteni group on projects or on different things, or even just having conversations, I was automatically/naturally dividing up the responsibility, which made me weaker from a certain perspective. From my perspective this was something preprogrammed within me, which can be effecting many other people as well. To when working in a group of any kind, whether for a school project or in a job, the tendency to divide up the responsibility, which seems normal or ok. However, isn't it better for everyone to take personal responsibility for the total outcome of the work/project to make sure it is the best possible outcome? For me, this is obviously a yes. Because when I do this, I do this. The only person that would say no is Ego, because ego wants less work, less responsibility. This is also what I would see to be the basis for an society applying the Equal Money System, that everyone takes responsibility for every single point, always, and to make sure it reaches its absolute perfection with its form and context. So I share this lesson because it applies to all of us, since we are all part of the same group here on earth. So lets be the best being we can be and learn to work in a group the proper way, which is to take absolute responsibility for the outcome and for oneself in who one is to ensure we receive the best outcome possible for all.